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North Arrow Log Homes Unique Log Process
Are you searching for a very unique custom handcrafted log home that entails a traditional process second to none?  We can help, here at North Arrow Log Homes of Michigan we buy full length Red and White pine logs that come from Northern Michigan.

A majority of our logs come from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and were trees that were planted in the l940's by C.C. Camps. Most of the logs that we buy are 40 to 45 feet long, with a few over 50 feet. And the diameter of our logs run 16 to 24 inches on the butt end and around 10 to 12 inches on the tip end.  At times we are able to buy larger logs, up to 36 inches on the butt, and we of course can always buy smaller logs.

After buying the logs, we truck them into our Pickford Log Yard and put them through a Cambio Ring Debarker. This takes all the outer bark off the logs. This allows them to dry and keeps the wood boring bugs out of them. After we debark them we crisscross stack them so that they can air dry.

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They are normally stacked this way for 2 months to 2 years. Two months in warm weather will get most of the sap to the surface so that we don't have any sap problems when we build or deliver your log home.  North Arrow Log Homes can also offer Kiln dried logs.  The heat of the kiln takes out most of the surface moisture from the logs and kills a lot of fungus in the wood.

Scribed for the Perfect Fit

After air-drying is complete, we peel the logs with a Spar Log Peeler or draw knife. There are only six Spar Log Peelers in the world and this process is a very time saving process for us (we can pass the savings on to you).  The logs come out very beautiful, the knots are exceptionally pretty.

We scribe and fit each log together. We offer many different types of scribe fit methods.  In our log yard we cut and fit all the logs, including all the floor joist, trusses and purlins. We may or may not cut the window openings in at this time, sometimes it is easier for us to do it when the log home is reconstructed.

Hand Crafted Log Homes 

Scandinavian Full Scribe and Traditional Chink Style
We build all sizes of Log Homes, from small getaway log cabins to large family size log homes - specializing in Scandinavian Full Scribe and Traditional Chink Style. We do offer floor plans that can help you step into the right direction and fit your family's needs.  We are a small log home company interested in two things - quality construction, and our clients' satisfaction.

Just a note about our matter what the weather is, we are always working everyday on your log home. You of course are welcome to come at any time to see the progress, and take pictures. Or if you want, we can take pictures and e-mail/text them to you.

Hand Crafted Log HomesCareful Planning and Moving of a Masterpiece
The logs are all numbered, the log home is taken apart, put on trucks, shipped and reconstructed on your foundation. The same crew that builds the log home comes to reconstruct the log home on your foundation. This is something we do not want other crews to do. We take pride in the masterpiece that we have built for you and don't want it messed up by someone that doesn't understand the process.  We offer free consultation and design ideas to help you plan your dream log home.

We invite you to browse our entire website to learn more about our dedication to clients since the early 1900's.  We proudly serve the entire State of Michigan.

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