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Our Log Yard
When it comes to building your future log home - North Arrow Log Homes has you covered.  Rain, shine, or snow does not slow us down for we work through any conditions to make your dream log home possible.

Each of our Handcrafted Michigan Log Homes and Luxury Custom Homes begin in our Log Yard.  Here the logs are debarked, air dried or kiln dried.  We hand select every single log for your home.  After this process, we then construct each home here at this location.  We then scribe each log to make a perfect match to fit the contours of each log. 

We buy full length Red and White pine logs that come from Northern Michigan. They mostly come from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and were logs that were planted in the l940's with C.C. Camps. Most of the logs that we buy will be 40 to 45 feet long, with a few over 50 feet. And the diameter of our logs run 16 to 24 inches on the butt end and around 10 to 12 inches on the tip end. At times we are able to buy larger logs, up to 36 inches on the butt, and we of course can always buy smaller logs.

  Learn more about our Unique Log Process Details by clicking here.

"Constructed using the traditions and techniques of the Scandinavian log smiths to achieve the fine craftsmanship that Handcrafted Log Homes deserve."

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"Building your dreams with excellence!"