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North Arrow Story
Lyle's great grandfather David Parrish began building log camps for the timber workers, then small log homes for family members, then larger homes for families in the early 1900's. As people began to come north for summer vacations he began to build for the tourist.

More log homes were built and more arrows were placed pointing North. Lyle to keep his family tradition named the business after that arrow that points North and we continue with the tradition of putting an arrow in our log homes that points North. Our arrows are all hand made, cedar shafts, with real turkey feathers and a real hand chipped stone arrowhead.

Great grandpa Parrish and his sons built many beautiful Drummond Island log homes in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Drummond Island lays at the mouth of the Saint Mary's River at the north end of Lake Huron. His beautiful log home was conveniently located on Whitney Bay and served as a stop-over place for many travelers.

In the early 1900's it was very important to be "direction oriented" and as the family finished their log home, someone came up with the idea of putting an arrow through the king post truss in the living room and having that arrow point north.

To this day Grandfather Parrish's tradition carries on. We are proud to bring these traditions to the 21st Century - We thank you for visiting us today!

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