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Handcrafted Log Homes of Michigan
Welcome to North Arrow Log Homes, your first choice in Hand Crafted Log Homes.  When asking, "Where can I find a builder for Handcrafted Log Homes?", look no farther.  We offer traditional Scandinavian Chinkless, the Double Scribe Lateral Groove, and the Traditional Chink style homes. 

Log homes are extremely attractive, efficient, comfortable, and healthy.  Discover the beauty and atmosphere that a traditional Handcrafted Log Home can give to you & your family for generations to come.

Hand Crafted Scandinavian Chinkless, the Double Scribe Lateral Groove, and the Traditional Chink style log homes and cabins. 

The History and Benefits of a Handcrafted Log Home
Handcrafted Log Homes have been built for centuries in Russia, Scandinavia and Eastern Europe.  Settlers from Scandinavia brought their unique style to America in the early 18th century.  Since then, people have enjoyed the comfort, warmth and atmosphere that a log home delivers.

Thick natural logs can offer one of natures best insulators - well built log homes offer the benefits of "Thermal Mass" - where the material absorbs, stores, and releases heat slowly over time. These types of homes are 30% more efficient than what building codes ask for. 

Log homes are "Long Lasting".  There are log homes in Europe that have stood the test of time - over 800 years. Log homes can handle hurricane strength winds along with the other types of weather that we experience here in Michigan. 

 Handcrafted Log Homes

Each Log Home is as Unique as the Logs We Select
Each of our log homes or log cabins begin in our log yard where the logs are debarked and air dried. As logs are needed for a building project, they are hand picked and placed on the current log home.  North Arrow Log Homes specializes in Scandinavian Full Scribe and Traditional Chink Style. We offer free consultation and design ideas to help you plan your dream log home. Make sure to visit our our Request Information Page to connect with us, or simply give us a call or text today.

We invite you to browse our entire website to learn more about our unique company, our dedication to clients since the early 1900's, and review our history and how we got our name North Arrow.  We serve the entire State of Michigan.

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"Building your dreams with excellence!"